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Toyota Vios Wallpaper

be it kicks or the latest cell phone or me in the middle of an nba draft what the hell is that guy doing here but there are some instances where following the crowd is actually the best option take for example toyota’s views they’re everywhere and i do mean literally everywhere there’s a good chance that you’ve been in one of these Things.

things there’s a good chance that you know somebody with one of these things and for some of you out there there’s a good chance that you actually Already. already own one of these models but for those of you that don’t here’s the question does going with toyota’s biggest hit work for you this ladies and gentlemen is the 2021 vosg now the previous generation Viewers. viewers had a lot Of.

of people up in arms about it because of its design some people d It. it but for the most part people are yeah yeah not so much but this time around this particular refresh well it brings to it a sort of more mature look to it sort of cameriesque is that even a term up front you have Leds. leds everywhere the configuration here Is. is similar to that of the altis and it gives a very smart and modern look the fog lamps are surrounded by glossy plastic with a cut that adds aggression to the front clip and more glossy plastics in the grill in the shape familiar to that Of. of the Camry. camry see the glossy plastics too Do.

do add sort of a premium feel to it more so than the other variants down the line under the hood you are looking at a fourcylinder 1.5 liter gasoline motor that produces 106 horses and 140 newton Meters. meters of torque Mated. mated to a cvt which in total will give you pretty much a smooth driving experience but don’t expect A. a thrilling engine response demand for it that being said it does the job very well now on the highway it can get 21 kilometers per liter more so about 23 if you’re mine in with the Throttle.

throttle in the city where traffic is building up yay traffic that we all Love.

love it does about eight kilometers per liter so really for a car at this price point and in this range it’s just about par the silhouette is undeniably views with the repeaters on The. the side mirror it’s something that we are very familiar with something that we see On. on the road almost all the time what is new are the 16inch wheels which are now twotone that are wrapped in 50 series tires above 140 millimeters of ground Clearance.

clearance everything else is really .

i said very familiar except for one little Flex.

flex that i’d To.

to show is that there are disc brakes all around for a car at this price point that’s pretty darn Good.

good now at the rear it’s just the previous generation there Really