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Mazda Mx 5 Wallpaper

the road the new mazda mx5 now it’s the fourth. generation meanwhile the question we imagined is the new one just as funny just as crisp and just as sporty as the original creature starts the spectacle rises in romania. the mountain road called transfair garages is a crazy Asphalt. asphalt roller coaster with Endless.

endless curves made for The. the nippon roadster applause in 1989 mazda let the lively mx 5 onto the road and thus got a new convertible wave rolling four generations later the mx 5 is the bestselling roadster in the world matthias also Has. has a soft spot for the bestseller because It. it was one of my first cars the first series i think i paid 2500 euros at the time and rocked the car down to the max i opened it learned to drift in the car i’m in snow in rain in all conditions where you wouldn’t normally be with I drove out in a fancy cabriolet around The. the area and actually tried out everything that goes wrong with this thing on The.

the closed dream route Matthias. matthias finds Out.

out if the new one was just As. as spot on we dance through the curves here it’s all too late you can let the car fly wants to brake late and the tendency to oversteer here now for a moment laughter that’s just brilliant the chassis is crisp you know where it’s at grin. accepted thanks to proven recipe and that means front engine Meets. meets rearwheel Drive