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Best 7 Photos Aston Martin Vulcan Wallpaper

Britain’s Cold War bomber which is quite a bold name to give a car the Vulcan after all was one of our finest engineering feats of the 20th Century. century calling your car Vulcan. Vulcan is . naming your child ace or Elvis it’s got a lot to live up to North to 60 less than three seconds top speed More.

more than 200 miles per hour And.

and that’s for the huge wing on the back slowing it down Brake.

brake horsepower well that depends what you do with Your. your knob this knob here cranks the power from 550 Horsepower.

horsepower to 820 Horsepower. horsepower now Aston Martin has asked me to Leave. leave it in position 1 while I get to grips with the Vulcan because she can be a bit Lively whoops Oh because the volcan looks it’s time travels from the future you might think all this speed comes from some cuttingedge hybrid wizardry but it doesn’t un safe Ferrari Aston Martin doesn’t have An.

an f1 team from which to borrow tech but it does have a proper British cando attitude so the Vulcan Hales very much from the make the most of what you’ve got School of Engineering and It’s. it’s engine started life in an old Ford Mondeo well actually two old Mondeo s back in the 90s Aston got a couple of v6 s from the first generation Mondeo and kind of gaffer tape them together to make a v12 okay as times gone on they’ve upgraded it To