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Top Audi Tt Mk1 Wallpaper With 9 Pictures

the audi tt over the porsche boxster at nearly 25 percent cheaper than the boxer at the time it really was a sports car for The. the money what i to know is is it still any good today well as you can see from the looks it’s still got that modern curvy body Which.

which is retro but still representative of today’s modern design take the lights for example their very 90s they look very retro and they still fit in with the obscure mess that is 2022 and If. if we move on to the side of the car you can see these flared wheel arches here which make It.

it look more aggressive and upright then we move on To. to the back and you can see it’s so modern And.

and so curvy that it puts kim kardashian to shame and finally the rear wing now when this car was released in 1998 there wasn’t actually any rear wing on This. this car and apparently lots of these actually crashed so Audi.

audi recalled all of them and fitted the spoiler to the back now when we open up the complexity of german engineering we suddenly find an engine now The. the mark 1. 1 tt came with Two.

two slightly different engines the 180 and the 225 essentially they were the same 1.8 liter turbo charged engine but The. the 2t5 offered more power because of the bigger turbo and yep you guessed it 225 bright horsepower but In. in real life the difference is very Minimal