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the latest news for the 2023 model here if you haven’t seen the first make sure to finish this one and follow the link in the description or the comment section to Continue. continue Your. your quest for knowledge about the world’s newest tvs a quick reminder to automotive territory ring the bell and enjoy the ride wrangler magneto 2.0 as A. a part of the Annual. annual tradition the 2022 moab easter jeep safari served as the stage For. for the unveil of multiple wrangler concepts the centerpiece project was The.

the magneto 2.0 which acquired the iconic lg looks and previewed the allelectric feature of the suv the newcomer doubled specifications of the original magneto from the last year it’s the underpinnings have 800 volts Architecture. architecture and are comprised of four battery packs with seven kilowatt hour capacity they choose the new custom axial flux electric motor with a doubled amperage allowing the offroader to produce 625. 625 horsepower and 850 poundfeet of torque the truck keeps its 6speed manual transmission with the new 3.36 ratio for The. the first gear and somehow it’s zero To. to 60 time is clocked at two seconds flat the offroad capability of the wrangler magneto 2.0 comes from a 12 inches extended chassis 20 inch wheels and 40 inch tires plus it features a rubicon rock track transfer case A.

a dynatrax 60 pro rock front axle and a Pro. pro rock dinotruck 80 rear axle both with lockers bmw i7 the 7th generation 7 series For. for the First