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Bandit starring Reynolds his mustache in the 1977 Pontiac transam for decades the film has been responsible for putting the Trans Am somewhere on everybody’s dream car list it’s fast its sleek and it’s got a badass fire chicken on the hood the pairing of boxoffice success in a great car cemented Pontiacs place as an automotive icon in pop culture Pontiacs not around anymore and that really sucks why do we lose one of America’s most legendary auto brands what happened to Pontiac I’m Nolan Sykes And.

and this is wheelhouse Pontiac was around for a long long time opening their doors in 1926 General Motors introduced Pontiac to fill the gap between Chevy and the more expensive Oakland Burnham so imagine GM as an apartment building Chevy’s in the entryway and Cadillacs in the penthouse with Oakland both mobile and Buick filling in the floors in between GM formed Pontiac and three other brands Viking Marquette and moose All. all to build more floors GM believed that filling these gaps would help brand loyalty and inspire customers to buy their way up the stairs eventually making it to the penthouse but Pontiac was the only one of the companion brands to survive did so by outselling Oakland by such A.

a wide margin that Oakland was merged into Pontiac Pontiac kept building their affordable and reliable cars through the 1950s when sales started to decline the brand was Gaining. gaining a reputation as a car for old people and table TV