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Top Ssc Tuatara Wallpaper With 9 Pictures

airport they’ve lent us their runway today boys ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the and welcome back to the vlog we are racing the ssc 2atar today the ssc tuatara is on a truck from washington state headed here to race me for my youtube against my bugatti veyron this is going to go down as the single Most. most epic thing we have ever done in The. the history of the you guys know for the past three months i’ve been overly obsessed with the ssc 2atar we’re going to see the car today we’re Gonna. gonna go flat out on a runway with the founder jared shelby and then we’re gonna race it against my bugatti veyron so i reached out to ssc about three or four weeks ago told them i was buying the veyron i was is there any chance we could line up the two cars and sure enough here We.

we are jared shelby is bringing his tuatara to Race. race me for my youtube and my bugatti veyron that truck is incredible it’s a double decker i need something that oh my goodness there she is and legit I’m. i’m getting the chills right now never in a million years did i think we’d be filming this on my Youtube.

youtube Of. of my veyron against the tuatara oh my goodness we have entered the alien spaceship the tuatara this is Not. not a prototype car boys this is An