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7 Pictures Dodge Charger 1970 Wallpaper

first muscle of the series and I got to tell you Dom said in the first Fast and Furious they were scared of it And. and I know exactly what he’s talking About. about cuz I’m kind of terrified at this car so anyways here goes nothing Applause movie cars has always been a hobby for me for as Long. long as I have seen cars on I originally got one of the first General Lee’s from Dukes of Hazzard and ever since then a kind of game I’ve probably owned about 75 different movie cars over that period my name is Bob I’m an owner in how to hit your car warehouse and this is my faster this is be fast and furious charger I don’t know if I’m. I’m gonna be able to actually say anything during this entire Drive I think I’m just gonna end Up. up laughing the entire time I’ve always been the a Mopar Guy. guy a Dodge guy just because everybody else had Chevy’s and Fords and at the time the lines of the Mopar were so much better to me and so many more cool things The. the Hemi you saw them in movies Bullitt you know dirty merry crazy Larry fast and furious is probably the greatest car franchise ever created at this point because you know you’re into your seventh movie and Everything. everything about it celebrates the automobile And. and of course in the first movie what did they Do