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Favorite Audi Wallpaper For Laptop With 10 Pictures

little is an incredibly powerful diagnostic and programming tool that i think every vag car owner vote volkswagen audi seat skoda and plenty more should own it’s called vcds it’s not quite a dealership specific tool as that’s called otis but it’s damn well close it’s incredibly powerful lets you unlock hidden features of your car and can save you a whole load of money If.

if you’re planning on Working. working on your own car too inside The.

the case is the adapter itself and its detachable usb cable now this is the the cheapest version that rostec that the makers of vcds offer and the reason that this is the cheapest is that it’s limited artificially to three total vin Numbers. numbers that means you can use it with the advanced functions with three separate cars and you can use it with as many cars as you for the basic functions checking fault codes now we should also make it clear if you Did.

did want to upgrade this you can buy the most basic cable and Upgrade.

upgrade it to either 10 vins or unlimited for those extra functions and you pay rostecker a little bit of extra money and that gets unlocked for you so let me fire up my laptop get it connected and then we’ll show walk you through the the different functions the different options it has and just how insanely powerful it is so once you’ve connected it to the obd2 port and to the Usb