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by auto top now my name is max and today we are at pp performance in butt mag and time in germany and jimmy has Kindly. kindly enough asked us to come and drive his personal car this mercedes amg g63 tuned by pp performance with some akrapovic goodness added to that uh it is a freaking beast This. this thing it is Absolutely. absolutely mental so today i’m going To. to show you around it quickly uh because we’ve made a review of the g63 in the past so you can click in the top right corner if you want to check out that where i go in depth into the new g63 or this generation but today i’m going to focus on the tuning and of course on that crazy exhaust and of course i’m going To. to take it for a drive on this beautiful road towards the ultraman for an ultrabomb blast let’s start we’re going to do a quick walk Around.

around i’m going to cover some headlines of the new g63 whilst Trying.

trying to avoid this beautiful tree that’s just gorgeous absolutely beautiful tree so i have to manage my way through here of course the new g63 a little bit more rounded uh it’s a lot more modern but they’ve really gone out of Their. their way to try and keep the original g feel so it’s still a very boxy car Although. although we have a lot of modern stuff but still i Mean. mean the fact that they’ve Been