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Best 8 Images 1969 Camaro Wallpaper

a four speed it gets more american than this and it gets more camaro than this but not by much if you don’t love that there’s something wrong with you everything about camaro has always screamed camaro right nobody says canero this is a serious piece of equipment these aren’t cars That. that you drive passively you can put one hand on the wheel and tool down the road but they want you involved they move around radial tires help but a good camaro at speed never feels quite settled and that’s part of why part of why you just want to drive it faster and harder and longer it asks things of you and the prime thing it asks of you is more throttle all the time in any situation who’s gonna say no to that camaros turn you into the worst best version of yourself and that’s one of the reasons i love them so much that’s one of the reasons everybody loves them because there Was.

was some magical meshing of the size and the driveline and all the bits from the chevy 2 nova it’s just a nice recipe it doesn’t do anything wrong it’s not to say it’s perfect you might want for steering feel or Breaks. breaks or a little more grip or maybe fewer rattles but if you’re coming to A. a camaro and thinking about what it doesn’t do well you’re probably not a camaro person what does this feel . well it feels A. a lot of gm pony cars and a lot of gm Muscle. muscle cars in general right there’s not a lot of steering feel there’s a short travel throttle that gets into a big carburetor and you can tell when the carburetor is working part Because.

because there’s a Gob. gob of induction noise that comes piling up from under the hood brakes take a lot of effort the clutch feels vaguely truck throttle doesn’t really have a lot to say about the carburetor it doesn’t matter because there’s that engine and it just wants you to rail the lifty daylight sound effects this in 60 seconds is why you need to care about the 1967 To. to 1969 camaro the Camaro.

camaro basically exists because Of. of the mustang lee iacocca at ford looks at the booming youth market decides they need a car for it takes their falcon compact Puts. puts it into the more stylish package boom mustang is born gm looks at that goes oh hell it works does the same thing With. with their chevy ii nova compact this is essentially a nova reskin just the mustang as a falconry skin and because it was designed to be affordable they made A.

a lot of them and sold a lot of them it is almost infinitely customizable just the mustang but what’s cool here is that it does the same basic trick that a corvette does at a much smaller price point it is fast it is Grunty. grunty it is neat You