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Top Jeep Images Wallpaper With 19 Pictures

put own personal photos this isn’t the default one onto the UConnect for 30 and the 2017 Jeep Wrangler mine is obviously the newest Jeep so I Think. think some models are A. a little bit different but I know that this model is in most Jeeps so that’s why I’m gonna be showing you this so first you cannot use a Regular. regular HDMI quarter obviously anything that Because. because that doesn’t have any Files. files on it so she needs a Little.

little thumb Drive. drive this something that holds A. a few pictures and so pretty much before you need to make sure that you put the pictures probably from your phone or from a camera onto your computer and then from your Computer. computer you put this in and put them on to the thumb drive that way you Can. can transport them onto here so this is just a default view that I have on first and just go ahead and insert that it’s gonna go ahead And. and do this now mine I’ve already added mine so they’re already gonna be on here but I’m still show you guys how to do it so after you’ve added this you’re gonna go to My. my Files. files and you’re gonna Go. go to my pictures so these are my Two. two pictures that I have added and so these won’t be here for you guys will just have the default one so then you’re Gonna. gonna go to add and it’ll pull up this you’ll Hit