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understand because comes up everywhere and I mean everywhere and that’s because it’s one of the most brilliant ways of developing your al ideas in a wellrounded and dramatically effective way it seems to Have. have developed from binary form and you can start hearing it from the of Joseph Haydn onwards so Let’s. let’s go and I’ll presume you’ve seen my s on al seeds and tonality I’ll give you a quick overview of Sonata form and then we’ll go into a little more detail with a famous example Sonata form can be divided into three Main.

main parts first the exposition Which.

which basically presents or Exposes.

exposes all the main themes all the main al material and seeds this is made up of two groups which will definitely be in contrasting keys and may also have contrasting themes moods or ideas so that already sets up a kind of conflict And. and particularly a conflict of keys and the exposition is often repeated then there’s the development which explores and develops the material we’ve heard In. in the exposition and this is usually more discursive and looser in structure and will move through many keys and finally we get a recapitulation which literally recaps the exposition but with a twist things are the same in some ways but in other ways crucially different for example the first and second group will return but now Both.

both will be in the HOME key and so the tonal conflict from the exposition is resolved the Reason