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8 Photos 69 Camaro Wallpaper Good Looking

standing front of a 69 camaro we just finished up for joe rogan in this we’re going to walk you through The. the finished product all the improvements we made on This. this 69 camaro i’m going to touch on some of the custom things that we did to the body some of the tweaks and things we did in the interior i’m gonna bring My.

my brother phil in to talk to you a bit about the Chassis.

chassis underneath this car and josh is gonna give you the rundown on the driving experience at a glance the car looks very 69 camaro not a wildly erratically modified car joe really wanted something that was tried and true 69 so no crazy hood scoops nothing out of the norm But. but the car is cleaned up Considerably.

considerably from what it was so starting at the front bumper’s hand fabricated there’s some aftermarket products available for these cars nothing really fits them to bring a car to this level so that’s All. all fabricated from sheet metal factory grille lower valance is hand fabricated integrate some 69 camaro fog lamps in it and then the lower chin spoiler just something that’s a little different than factory tucks it up just a little bit because those things are just notorious for getting peeled off on parking curbs so add a little bit of style A. a little bit of flare and again didn’t want to make a big statement piece just some kind of Trick