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Top 9 Nice Pictures Toyota Prius Wallpaper

and more than 150,000 problem free kilometers we make our way to cologne to toyota to disassemble the prius and take a close look at it technically the prius was totally inconspicuous no caused trouble and didn’t really notice anything else, but in the logbook there is both praise and criticism for the prius, for Example.. example. , my colleague nowitzki writes the headup display projection Surface. surface is far too small and incorrectly positioned, no Navigation. navigation arrows, too many displays in The. the cockpit, that You. you can understand he’s right is really very small bendix krohn writes wow i drove the prius with about 5 liters per 100 kilometers that’s ecological and inexpensive i make it fun to drive purely electrically for as long as possible in the city i’m open a consumption of 3.7 liters per 100 kilometers that ‘s true that he’s right there If. if you don’t quite en Relaxed. relaxed through the city carries then consumption under four liters easy in With.

with the car Really. really good Hardly.

hardly a car monster lasts the brother as polarized as the prius enough colleagues find with really stupid maybe that’s because it’s such a Relaxed. relaxed nature the prius Is. is not made for racing at all it is not made for stilling the heat of hamburg or munich it is really made for gliding and for comfortable computing from a to b it also works perfectly consumes relatively little super comfortable offers enough space for four people and luggage actually you hardly need Anymore