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Best Lancer Evo X Wallpaper With 5 Pictures

a lot of sound i think that’s basically the idea of that even though it’s a two liter four cylinder as you can see this is not stock either what’s up ladies And. and gentlemen and welcome to this pov review by autotopano my name is max and today we are here as promised with some more jdm content because We. we finally have a 2011 mitsubishi lancer evo 10. so yeah i mean we’ve been looking for a cool evo for years now and we finally found one well we didn’t look that hard but We.

we really did want to film an evo a cool one so today we’ve got one from ep automotive in the netherlands they have tuned this evo uh which stock has 295.

295 horsepower And. and 366 newton meters this now has 500. 500 horsepower and over 600 newton meters of torque so It. it should be a lot of fun and today i’m going to show You.

you around it show you all the cool stuff on it and then we’ll take it for a drive on this beautiful road no ultrabound today for insurance reasons unfortunately but still we’re going to enjoy this gorgeous evo 10 today but before we begin don’t forget to and hit the notification bell if you want to receive updates when we a new And.

and check us out on instagram if you at autodopanel and you can also check out ep automotive uh with the link in the description Or