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the harrier doesn’t need a light rail harry is at the forefront of military technology sleek powerful and versatile she’s. maneuverable a helicopter she hovers a hummingbird and is fast as A. a rocket and has the firepower of a fighter jet rocket simply polarized the other plane but there were also many skeptics on both sides of the atlantic there was heated debate about whether the plane was safe enough because the hair was a Revolution. revolution in aeronautical Engineering.

engineering applause june 2014 iraq the socalled islamic state has taken over much of the country the irs fighters use guerrilla tactics they hold civilians captive in their homes the iraqi forces desperately Try. try to stop the advance the us decide To. to Intervene. intervene president obama Authorizes. authorizes airstrikes to support the ground forces . the us marines send Some. some of their most experienced pilots into battle with their favorite close air support aircraft this is the harrier a marvel of modern engineering a jet fighter with the ability to rock vertically and Short. short powerful the v8 bi Herria. herria 2 is our first choice for air support. missions the haria is only 14.5 meters long with an empty weight of 6.8 tons, it weighs more than a helicopter but only half as much as other modern fighter jets with its up to 105 kilo newtons of thrust it can lift . a helicopter hover there or live forward at near the speed of sound. my suggested instructors said Here