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10 Nice Pictures Audi Q3 Wallpaper Good Looking

with a second look at the new audi q3 this vehicle has actually been on the german market since 2008 10 but we suspect that there might be A. a small update in the future and wanted to make sure again how the current model comes along with the focus on the engine nonetheless a quick look at the st the Q3.

q3 definitely has some rough edges but also some straight surfaces as you can See. see for example in the bonnet area here there then the paint is really nice and money is on the way because our test car Has. has the paint pulse Orange. orange I hope I have put it more or less correctly an orange no Schufa pigments and therefore not iridescent, but due to this color it is actually rather covered that I. I don’t know is on the camera is definitely a hinguc what you can also See.

see in our test car is that for many black details have black details, especially Here.

here in the front area including the Logo.

logo itself, so you basically see little or No. no chrome, which is why there are two different packages with which you black details 1 i would say a light version where there is a bit of black here and there but the logo, for example, remains chrome in our case we have The. the larger package and accordingly everything that goes To. to chrome was destroyed and replaced by black chrome see You then, for example, in the headlights and There