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Top 9 Nice Pictures Corvette Stingray Wallpaper

it what how are you guys supercar bondi here in the brand new chevy corvette stingray right listen to this guys we’re bringing a couple of bandaids off with each throwdown of the foot i couldn’t even get this car from chevrolet you guys it is in such high demand so my friends at superior car rental here in dubai actually led this to me for this review so a massive thank you to you guys the Link.

link to them is in the description below right Let.

let me show you around okay as you can see look part of the roof comes off in the coop so you can actually pull this off and around here is where it fits here we go all right so you just slot the roof here in the boot and if you have this roof on you guys This. this is actually quite a big boot look at this for A. a mid engine supercar all of this space look at that that’s cool so if you want the roof off though that pretty much takes up all the space you’ve got here in the boot but kind of worth it because it looks super cool with the top off all right now you pop That. that down back into place that one of the main differences you guys with the new chevy corvette is they’ve moved the engine from the front of the car to now here in the back this is now a Midengined