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9 Pictures Ford Puma Wallpaper Good Looking

Ford and meet the skin but they’ve jacked up a little bit so that it’s an alternative doing this a juke or Volkswagen T Rock And. and I’m gonna Review. review it let’s talk about the design of this PMO it’s supposed to be an SUV but it’s more slightly swollen hatchback doesn’t seem enough right or door does it also for to try to make it look sporty and if you get st live versions you Can.

can get with a large rear spoiler I do . the design in the back though it looks good and the way They’ve.

they’ve written pew across the Back. back is I’m very proud of what It. it is as you move down the side you can see it’s definitely not an SUV at All. all you’ve got a sloping Roofline. roofline and it looks super sporty the wheel arches can be body colored or they can be black depending on which model you go for at the front here Ford has corrected something what they call a floating a pillar looks this part of the windscreen surround isn’t Joined.

joined to the car it just looks they run out of Metal. metal and they had to fit some plastic from not bite into that one design feature I do those this but he can rise to the front the headlights aren’t down there they’d normally be on most cars are actually quite high up on the bonnet apparently they’ve been inspired by the Headlights