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Best 5 Pictures Silvia S13 Wallpaper

a beforehand but i haven’t seen a thing beforehand three two one what’s up guys and welcome to another episode of the drift games vlog welcome along if you’re a New. new . Welcome. welcome to the welcome to the madness if you’re an oldschool you’ll know where we are we’re here in aaa customs formerly triple eight competitions and we did a Lot.

lot of cool builds with these guys last year and They. they switched From.

from being A.

a competition company to being a custom paint shop Essentially.

essentially they’re able to do custom builds white arch kits the types of liberty walk rocket bunny all that kind of stuff which is a little bit challenging for most paint shops that’s why i sent my ps13 down here about two months ago with a very ambitious plan to make it one of the coolest s buddies or s chassis you guys would say in the States. states uh cars in ireland um the car was originally bought in the uk from a guy called lewis england he does some great work on it all the Engine.

engine stuff was done all the kind of wire tucks all that good stuff was done so it had the Makings. makings of a very good car but i wanted to look a lot wilder and we worked with the guys in th components police did some custom Powder. powder coating which You. you wouldn’t have seen at this stage on the wheels you would have last seen this Car