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Best 7 Hummer H1 Wallpaper

pinnacle of the Hummer the pinnacle of the offroader according to some connoisseurs of giant ridiculous vehicles this one these h1 Alfa models are shooting up in value they’ve become tremendously desirable and today I’m going to explain why I’ve borrowed this h1 alpha from CNC motors which Is. is an exotic car dealership here in Southern California that has everything and I mean everything from new exotic cars to muscle cars well Hummers this they have one Of. of the most amazing inventories of any car dealership and you can check them out by clicking the link in the description below Now. now Before. before I get Into. into the h1 alpha A. a little background the original Hummer was a military vehicle that came out in 1984 and it was nicknamed the Humvee because of its military acronym in 1992 they started selling a civilian version for people who wanted Something.

something more Ridiculous.

ridiculous and insane and crazy than the regular SUVs of the day the Toyota Land Cruiser and the Chevy Blazer and the Ford Bronco over the years the Hummer was modernized and updated but there was Always. always some flaw The. the early years of the civilian models didn’t have anywhere near enough power they were incredibly slow then later models had ok power but there was a casting flaw in the engine that could cause engine failures so there were reliability issues they didn’t fully get it right until the 2006 Model. model year and the H 1. 1 alpha Came