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to your creative skills and in this tutorial we’re going to learn how to create a gooey liquidy paint marbling effect all in Photoshop now personally I love this Effect. effect is awesome and super easy to create you can do this all from scratch or you can drag an image into Photoshop and start applying this effect immediately and There’s. there’s a Few. few different techniques that you can use to create this effect we’re going to be covering some of them in this as well as my personal favorite That. that I’m going To. to save until The. the end anyway let’s get started so you can see I’ve opened up an image in Photoshop. Photoshop this is what I’m going to be saving for the finale my Favorite. favorite technique so I’m gonna switch this off for now and if you’d to Download. download this PSD file and follow along there will be a link in the description so first of all I’m. I’m going to work on this brush layer this is just a New.

new layer with a white background color and I’m going to be using black as my foreground color and the brush tool and we Can. can just pick any brush Size.

size brush hardness or brush style from that dropdown and I’m going to start on brushing And. and you can do this with color As. as well but I’m gonna stick with black and white for now you can use the left and right square brackets on the keyboard to adjust The