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Top 9 Tesla Wallpaper Logo

brands far as automobile manufacturers are concerned their impressive portfolio of evs is responsible for this and it’s believed that the tesla logo t was stylized to match the last name of nikola tesla who was a renowned serbianamerican engineer but that’s just basic stuff as there is a lot more to what the tesla logo means in this we’ll be looking at tesla’s history and the secret Behind. behind their iconic Logo.

logo keep watching until the end where we’ll reveal the mystery behind tesla’s logo the history of tesla when you think of tesla the first person to come to Mind. mind is its ceo elon musk however musk wasn’t the original founder of the company before musk came on board Tesla.

tesla had already been incorporated by martin etterhardt and mark tarpening in 2003 both men were inspired to start the company after general motors ev1 cars were recalled they were full of confidence that they could oversee the development and production of an Electric. electric vehicle that would fare much better than gm’s ev1 it was in 2004 that elon musk Joined. joined tesla as the chairman of its board of directors musk had a vision for the company which was to produce premium electric sports cars to be marketed to wealthy early adopters before manufacturing mainstream vehicles for the general public tesla’s first model was the tesla Roadster.

roadster and elon musk was very much involved in its Design. design and Development. development from the very beginning elon musk’s vision for tesla Was