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Top 11 Subaru Legacy Wallpaper Good Looking

not want an suv huh this is the seventh generation subaru legacy it comes with allwheel drive standard and it is a midsize sedan See. see sedans do still exist but is All. all weather traction enough to justify buying this versus let’s say a toyota camry honda accord or hyundai sonata let’s dig in starting off subaru has done A. a nice job inside keeping noise at bay in most spots the materials convey a Sense. sense of quality and the general arrangement looks handsome i also the little passenger side storage slot carved into the dash plus another nook Next. next to the front passenger’s left leg one wish though it’d be Nice. nice if these rear vents weren’t reserved for the premium trim and Higher. higher in terms of occupant space i the Quintessential. quintessential average five Foot. foot ten inch american man fit just fine no big feet although i will say i really do the seats supportive and comfortable almost pressure point Free. free and this is a very Comfortable. comfortable driving Position.

position But.

but let’s find out what happens when i go Back. back to the rear quarters leg room is really Quite. quite good i wouldn’t say it’s a cord good but plenty of excess space here but i have a poofy hair day happening and i’m barely brushing against the headliner i could use a little extra headroom and just for perspective i’m going to move Right. right over here so you can see what that looks you know the problem here I