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10 Good View Boss 429 Wallpaper Amazing Pictures

a 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429 it doesn’t get much rarer than this as far as Mustangs go this is one of those misunderstood cars the most powerful engine folders have a built up To. to that time period I guess if you didn’t count the camera which is not really put in cars and this one is a hundred Percent. percent restored I don’t think it gets much Better. better than this you know I the guys who specialize in soda one maker cars and marques angel He’s. he’s the boss 429 guy come on and you restored this car Correct. correct yeah now this is not my car this Is. is a stored for a customer of yours right right okay and you’re on the judging committee and all that kind of stuff right yeah I do quite a bit I do judging for the national head judge for the Shelby Club of America Mustang Club of America As. as well all I do some writing for Mustang monthly and I have a restoration shop and I was that still what turned you wanted a Mustang what made that the car for you well I think you know although I wasn’t around in 1969 in high school I’d had these cars people were you know kids and ourselves were fixing them up we didn’t know them or appreciate them we do today but I. I just fell In.

in love with the the lines the the classic Lines. lines of the Mustang and specifically you Know