Best Lamborghini Best Wallpaper With 25 Pictures

Is my favourite car in the entire world. I don’t think there’s a car that I’ve. talked more about buying than this. particular car. and today boys she’s ours. it’s currently 8 53 in the morning. the trucks gonna be here at 9 30 so. we have nothing to do we just sit and we. wait for the next 37 minutes. I have no idea how they’re gonna get an. 18 win on the street. the neighbours aren’t going to be happy. now in early 2021, I decided I want to. buy another v12 Lamborghini a Tasha. diablo an lm002 or a murcielago. I spent a bunch of time researching and. of course scrolling on which I am excited to announce has. sponsored today’s video. next time you’re looking for that. the perfect used car you gotta make.

Your first stop I am. telling you my gated v12 Lamborghini is. on route to the house right now I would. not have found it without the help of auto. tennis I’ll explain why. very very shortly but auto tempest is. truly the premier stop. to get great deals on used cars not only. did I get this gator v12 Lamborghini? on the auto tempest, it also helped in the. research process distinguishing between. like condition. price values the four v12 Lamborghinis i. was looking at were so different. I was able to do one search compare it all. four cars to make sure I got the right. one so here at Lamborghini any. the model including international results. that’s a key detail from 75 to 2010. countach to murcielago. filtered for 12 cylinders we’re going to.

Hit the search button instantaneously. Auto tempest is going to pull in all the. v12 Lamborghini search results from all. The major classified websites. We have Carvana we got eBay modes like. We got this diablo vt on eBay. We have this lp640 on continue. Scrolling down. Auto tempest is such a great resource too. Compare prices. Countach for 5.99 640 for 294. diablo. For 3.95. even has an lm002 right there and check. This out, guys. Autotempest will actually link to. Autotrader Canada. And, you guys know this v12. Lamborghini is coming from Canada. Without auto would have never. Found this car, and like I mentioned. Earlier I’m going to link my auto—Tempest search results in the. The description below. Go check it out, let me. Know what you think. Did I get an amazing deal on my v12? Lamborghini next time you’re looking for.

A great deal on a used car. all the cars one. Search we’ve had some beautiful sights. On the channel, we’ve had some beautiful. People, josh, get in here. I’m having we’ve. Had some beautiful people on the channel. Stefan hey hey hey, you gotta grow a. beard. But that view right there might be the. Most beautiful view from Toronto, Canada. She’s here. Boys guys are beautiful i. love you guys. You know I love you guys. Yeah, you’re welcome, kids. That’s like paint to sample. Mexico blue, I don’t know how we’re gonna. Get the 18. wheeler, uh, this is sort of. Awkward this semi is like. Fully flexed right there, goodness. This guy is crushing like blacker. You always miss the deliveries he missed. The Bugatti, and now he’s missing the. I’m not gonna say what it is, obviously. Thank you so much, oh. There she is, there she is. Oh, baby and we are flying high into the. Sky. I first saw one of these cars when I was. 17 years old in 2006. it left such an impression on me. I. actually took a bunch of photos of it. I’ll share those later on in the video. Because then it would reveal the car. I cannot believe today is actually. Happening there are only 50 of these. I counted 50 of these in the entire world. It’s a numbered car. This one is number 19 of 50. just stop. It. just show them the car. They gotta see it out of the sun. It’s a one-off colour. I’m not gonna say. Well. Verde. Oh Artemis, gosh, I cannot wait for you. Guys to see this car, but I can’t show it. You. Until it’s out of the truck the colour. Voice the colour. There’s really no good. Way to reveal it here she is my 2003.

Lamborghini mushroom museum whatever it. Is—Lamborghini Murcielago 40th anniversary. I finished in Verde Artemis this colour oh. my gosh. I saw one of these when I was 17 years. Old the first v12 Lamborghini I ever saw. my entire life, and now somehow, someway. Boys, it’s ours. She is a wide, wide, wide girl, of course. The iconic wedge shape of the Murcielago. This colour on this perfect day is. Just. Glistening all the carbon fibre. Oh, my boys, she’s here and just like. that she has. Officially touched down in the beautiful. State. Of Utah, oh my gosh, I wish you guys could. See this colour in person. The 6.2 litres v12 580 horsepower. And the doors that fly high into the sky. there’s nothing like. The mercy doors go straight up. For the last five minutes, I’ve been. Freaking out internally. Because there’s all this like road rash. Here on this front fender. And this guy thought it would be funny. To give me a heart attack. How did you pull this off? Who did this. who did this. It’s you know it’s hard to say but you. Know. This is what I can say. I want to thank you. Tax. For literally delivering this car. Flawlessly. Oh my gosh, all right, so it shows pdf. Okay, we can breathe a huge side relief. So he had a sticky note right here. That says I love josh, this guy.

I guess this prank has been planned for. Quite a while, josh actually had a phone. Call with the CEO of tax. To make this happen, this guy they filmed. A whole sequence that’s going to be on. My second channel, I guess. I do want to shout out the car has. Been delivered flawlessly. The car is a hundred per cent amazing. Condition, this was just a silly prank. Josh. I’m coming for you, boy I’m gonna get you. Back here she is with the door straight. Up and fly into the sky. the 2003 40th anniversary Murcielago. So Lamborghini became a company in 1963. this is 2003 to celebrate 40 years of. Lamborghini. The one-off colour Verde Artemis all 50. cars. Are in the Verde Artemis we have all. These crazy carbon fibre accents. That you won’t find on any other mercy. And, of course. They’re all dated manuals. Little do most. Of you guys know I have been. Hinting this 40th-anniversary Murcielago. for so long, this has been sitting on the. The mantel above the fireplace. I got this for my boyf spot like four. Months ago the reason I bought this car. Is because I kept staring at this, and i. wanted one so bad. Now we have the real one that is so cool. I haven’t driven a manual Lamborghini in. a long time. Let’s see if I can figure it out. Legit like unwrapping a Christmas. Present on Christmas morning. The steering wheel on the mercy Lagos is. So small. The gated manual transmission couple. Baby revs. Not too much it’s still pretty early. There’s just nothing quite like the. First, drive. In the gated manual, mercy no oh no. No, you did, no no, you did oh., uh good thing Steph is not here um wow. So anyway. Where were we? I love manual? Transmissions, I’m a great driver. This takes two. Trust me. I know how to. Drive a man. I’m very nervous, okay. I’m not nervous, can you blame me. Probably should. I want to point it out. Right now, for the time being. We have no check engine lights on a. Lamborghini Murcielago.

That in of itself is amazing as Stefan. It takes off, yeah. We’re just chilling right now. in the mercy. Oh, wait for it, wait for it, wait for it. Go. Yeah yeah yeah, we’re sophisticated we’re. Classy. We’re classy. That’s Stefan he’s yeah. He’s different. Remember earlier when i. said the mercy logo had no check engine. Lights. The throttle kind of has a mind of its. Own now uh it’s just pulsating. Yeah, Lamborghini Murcielago life. What can you do? We think it might be a. mass airflow sensor, and when I say we. that was obviously joshed. Josh is a lot. Smarter than me. Also better looking than me, but uh yeah. We’re just pulsating back and forth. Just ask josh if he has to be home at a. certain time and his wife just texted. Them the shopping list bro you’re going. To be a Walmart older man. Ah, you know that’s hey, that’s what we do. That’s what, oh cardboard. Just died. We are so close right now. What are you? At what are you giving it to me I’m at. 99. 977. you know what time it is. I’m reading the time dog city I’ll go. Come o,n come on come on. Come o,n come on come on. ready oh baby baby baby. Ohn,o oh no not yet take dale no we’re. Not quite there. obviously,y the colour palette looks great. Though goodness goodness goodness uh. Stephen is gonna be doing a new wrap on. His c6. Corvette here ver,y very soon then we’re. Going to race the bug in the gtr i’m. Going to wallop him so lots of come on. His channel lots of exciting things. Do we have come on? Come on come on are we there yet we’re. Ready 99 991 oh. Here we go seven more we need seven. More to get stefan l lewis to a hundred. Where. Is that just refresh come on we’re there. We’re there we’re there. 99 94. oh my gosh really look at that wow. 99.99 we need one more person. We just need one more person oh. You’re not subscribing.

i’m not subscribed either all right all. right you’re there now. good job refresh come on baby 999.. 100k baby hey. my guy stepping out louis all right dunk. city here we go. dunk the clock it’s happening guys go. subscribe to stephanie’s channel because. the donk reveal. is coming sooner than you think. it is disgustingly hot here in utah so. if i look blush i promise i’m going to. be okay. the verde artemis with the rosa cantus. the two colors look so gorgeous. under the utah sun i gotta give a shout. out to my homie zak and my homie roy. they stored the mercy in their garage in. toronto for me for the last couple. months. i originally told him it might be a. couple days maybe a week at the most and. ended up being like two and a half. months. guys go follow zach on instagram he. takes some of the best photos of. supercars you’re ever going to see. roy’s got a youtube channel he filmed a. delivery video of the murcielago. go subscribe to his channel zach roy. thank you guys so so so much. we got to figure out how to get four. cars in the garage. including the murcielago ca corvette i. love you i support you. but the big four somehow i don’t know. how. no no. no no now now. i i’m nervous it’s not even that close. but when you’re sitting in the driver’s. seat it feels so close i feel like i was. like two inches away. i got a whole foot i’m good. yes we are in and to think you guys. didn’t think we could do it this is. gonna have to be a temporary solution. because inevitably if i’m moving these. cars around enough. honestly i’m going to hit one of the.

Cars and that would be such a bad day we. have a little bit of room but the. Bugatti guys. The Bugatti is so close. Trust me there. Is daylight. It may not look like it but trust me we. Have. Paper-thin daylight just barely just. Barely we’re good. We’re good; Utah just continues to flex. On the nation, my goodness but this 40th. Anniversary. Murcielago, now we didn’t really drive. The car that much today it’s having that. Weird idle issue. I think it might be a fuel problem or. Maybe the ECU just needs to adjust salt. Lake city is at 4 000 feet. Toronto at sea level takes a little. Bit of time for the ECU to calibrate. Or the car sat for three months it has. Bad gas in it. It was also 105 degrees in. salt lake city, so I don’t really want to. Push the envelope tomorrow morning we’re. Going to wake up bright and early we’re. Going to take her up a canyon put 20 30—miles on it. Get a fresh tank of gas, and hopefully. that solves the issue. My goodness, though, boys, we got a 40th. Anniversary Murcielago and I think on. that gorgeous Utah sunset today’s video. Is effectively over, guys. Check out the. The link below to auto tempest next time. You’re looking for a great deal on a. used car. You got to check out the auto tempest. Check out the link to my Lamborghini v12. Search results and tell me what you.