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that have electric motors such as kids toys table fans toothbrushes hair dryers and this electric cutting knife but how does the electric motor work you turn it on and somehow it starts rotating why is that in this we’ll cover the basics of electricity and magnets and then Put.

put it all together to understand how the motor works This.

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is sponsored by brilliant Let’s. let’s start with something called a circuit you have a Battery. battery some wires and a device that uses electricity such as a Light. light bulb electricity flows through the circuit but as soon as there is a break in the wire the electricity stops flowing and the light bulb goes off the path must be complete for the circuit to work this is best done to the use of a switch electricity is flowing down the wire this is called conventional flow if we take the battery out and flip it then the current will flow the Other. other way the light bulb will still work in either case but there are some devices that will work differently depending on which way the current flows okay so that’s the basics of a circuit now let’s come over here this is a magnet it has a north pole and a south pole and it s to attract other metal objects these paperclips if you bring another magnet towards it opposite poles attract and the same poles repel magnets don’t have to Be. be in This