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basic to come onto the market top is bottom is the motto here for the electric limousine dough can that now the entrylevel model comes With. with rearwheel Drive. drive and more range yes what most people lack in electric cars is clearly the topic range and this dough has a lot Of.

of that then is the basic model with rearwheel drive and only one engine and thus there is a range Of.

of up to 400 84 kilometers and thus has more range than the entire remaining part of the kahn range, i.e. the 4s, the turbo and the turbo s And. and we’re going to try it out inside everything we know from the larger models who wants can also have A. a completely animalfree interior place space for four passengers is available optionally there is also a lot +1. if you hear the term basic model so graceful then the whole thing first of all not with a lot of positive things but i can tell you that the basis can really do a lot as a basic model we Now. now have a maximum output of 476 hp with the performance plus battery normally if you leave the standard battery in there it’s 408 that’s just the boos performance e.g. with the launch control state if you always use it. runs normally so uses the nominal power then it’s now 380 hp with performance plus battery and without 326 hp. so you can see it’s Definitely. definitely a clear leap to The