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chevrolet cruise a car that too many is an utter piece of crap and apparently potentially one of the worst cars you can buy but is There. there any truth to that or the haters just being way too harsh what actually goes wrong with them why are they so loathed what do they cost to own and operate what do they to live with on a daily basis and most importantly should you buy one let’s find out now i should mention in this we’re going to be focusing on the australian variants of the holden cruise but if you’re not from australia don’t freak out or panic because everything we’re going to be going over should relate to holden cruisers or chevrolet cruisers in your local market also to keep This. this as objective as possible we’ve reached out to multiple holden cruise owners Former. former holden technicians and engineers We’ve. we’ve trawled through different owner satisfaction reports and surveys so this is Basically.

basically the culmination of All.

all of those expertise and experience now The.

the cruise is a bloody confusing car in terms of where it’s made the trim levels the different generations the updates all that sort of stuff even in sizewise It’s. it’s you know it’s smaller than A.

a Mediumsized. mediumsized car but it’s larger than a Small.

small car very confusing but to try and explain it all here’s me doing a voice over so the cruise was initially offered as purely a Sedan