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9 Good View Porsche 917 Wallpaper Good Looking

literally porsche 917 a. magic name a magic number and a magic noise. the car design 17 has a special atmosphere it was a car with which you won everything there is nothing nicer than winning the porsche museum in stuttgart is the home of this very special sports car and the workplace of klaus bischoff, the Head.

head of the socalled rolling museum here the legends of yesterday are in the architecture of tomorrow the porsche That.

that Was. was Presented.

presented in 1969 and won le mans in 1970 keeps Moving.

moving even if his twelvecylinders are still Silent.

silent by hand, but that will soon change because in the porsche museum, people don’t think much of reverent silence at the sight of millions of noises, smells, escalation was supposed to start from time to time we see here is the restaurant that would also be a bit can trump the smell of the bridge with d em with the smell Of.

of exhaust gas from a 917 and People. people love that the museum In.

in stuttgart zuffenhausen was a success right from the start in the Cool. cool white rooms the Company. company has finally given its history a worthy place handson technology is the motto next to the Sporting. sporting Heroes.

heroes of yesterday there are series cars studies and custommade porsche he is going to klaus bischoff is satisfied with The. the Museum. museum i think now we have an underestimated garage in the world for these great racing cars also for the great series cars That. that the Product