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sport through the first decade of a fledgling world championship and also how cars and manufacturers changed as well for example the ford escort becoming the Powerful. powerful group b rs 200 the fiat are Bart. bart in champion form as the decade began valencia delta the champion car as it Ended.

ended from the same stable the talbot sunbeam lotus the group b peugeot 205. was a decade that Saw. saw the four wheel drive revolution and it was a decade that saw familiar rally cars turn into the group b monsters in the neverending Quest. quest for power speed and performance but by the end of the eighties familiar shapes had returned and the emphasis was still on superb engineering and as much as ever on The. the craft skill and courage of the men behind the wheel rallying And. and the world championship in particular Is.

is the supreme test of technology and driving talent taking Place.

place As.

as it does on such a wide range of surfaces and in so many different climates from snow and ice to highspeed tarmac gravel stages that shred the tyres and britain’s forest tracks on the rac Rally. rally this is where it was all played out and few sports have changed as much as rallying did in the 80s so And.

and this is where the Action. action began the 1980 monte carlo rally starting off the second year of the new world rally championship fierce and boss daniel odetto were looking confident even though the 131r bath appeared to Be