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10 Photos Ford Gt Wallpaper Good Looking

review audit openel my name is martin and today i’m taking a look at the ford gt i never thought this day would come but i’m so happy right now a week ago ford Sent. sent us an email asking us whether we would to drive a ford gt and we thought okay on which test track or no just take it to the autobahn woohoo that was my happy day couldn’t sleep for a week because i absolutely adore the ford gt and the gt40 it’s derived from so the ford gt40 in short it’s the ferrari killer from le mans the ford gt40 was the car that embarrassed ferrari because it completely dominated the le mans 24hour race this gen of Ford. ford gt has also won le mans by The. the way really cool that they delivered on their pedigree now the race car has been built as a road car Or.

or maybe It’s. it’s better to say that the road car has been built as a race car this is basically a race car with road demands brake lights and fog lights stuff that other than that it’s completely identical which is really really cool and You. you really feel it when you drive it and especially when you configure it okay so the gt it’s absolutely beautiful let’s walk around it before i tell you all about it It’s. it’s very recognizable for gt but It’s. it’s now been built as a hyper car i’d say the Older