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7 Pictures Wallpaper R32 Good Looking

by ototopiano my name is max and today is a very special day it is a saturday in november and we’ve got visitors from the uk This. this is jab’s car and he took his hold away from london on this little truck right here uh for us by martin for us to drive It.

it on The. the ultraman his company parts block uk dot co dot Uk. uk uh this is his company he supplies all these tuning parts for mainly jdm cars that is loud so he sourced all the parts for this crazy build this is their shop car their promotional car and today i’m going to review it i’m going to show you around it quickly and then we’ll take it for a drive at the ultimate and i’ll show you what it can do over there but before we begin make sure you’re d turn on notifications if you want to be updated uh when we a new .

and you can also check out jabs on instagram you can check out bart’s blog on instagram and i’ll link the website in the description as well they are having a black friday sale Uh. uh soon so Make. make sure you check them out if you’re in need for some tuning parts so uh what is it did i say What. what it is i i don’t think So. so this is a nissan skyline gtr r32 this is the original godzilla it was named godzilla by An