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we will how you can play YouTube s on infotainment system of Toyota Fortuner It is a very simple process You just need to connect your Android Device. device through screen mirroring with The. the infotainment System. system and you will be able to play YouTube s So, let us begin with The. the process You need To. to click the menu button of your infotainment system We need to select the source option You will get different option under source menu, AM, FM, USB, Bluetooth & Miracast To connect your device through Miracast, we need to select the miracast option Once You. you click it, the infotainment system will start searching for devices In every Android. Android device, under the settings, you will get an option called cast or screen cast Once you will open it, you can see that it is showing as Car Multimedia in mobile phone Once you will select it you will get the connection request on your infotainment system uest by clicking on Yes Within 23 seconds the screen Will.

will cast on the infotainment system Now you can play any YouTube .

on it , the same will be visible on your infotainment system However, we would . to tell you that in Toyota vehicles you cannot Play. play the when the vehicle is running So whenever you will put the vehicle in Drive mode It will give you a message ” Video is not available while vehicle is in motion” If You. you the , we request you To. to please Subscribe to our Thank. Thank You very much