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that it in a Datsun berth some of their competitions that we had dare to be different my name’s Dave Scholes and I Drive a 1970 Datsun 240z I was always into Japanese cars I was into traveling to Japan and at the same time I was also really interested in old Alfa Romeos and old Ferraris.

Ferraris but he sends me an email forwarded from a friend from work who has to move to Japan in a jiffy got five Or. or Six.

six pictures in it right off the bat I. I can tell it’s an early series 1z call up The. the owner broken English Japanese guy come on down but you know it’s not in the best shape and he says a number that just sounds way way too low so I start speaking to him in Japanese because I’m actually flowing he comes back And. and he repeats the same number say okay I’ll be right there showed up the cars idling in the guy’s Driveway. driveway he’s charging the battery For. for me and he’s just excited that it’s going to another Z Enthusiast. enthusiast because of the time That.

that it came out you know you have the baby boomers now it’s saying I. I remember having that in high school because of that they all told their kids that oh this is the first Real. real sports car I had you know we used to Race. race our buddies Trans Am okay So. so many different people walking up wanting to tell me Their