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all talks about all he seems capable of thinking about his automobile racing Racing’s everything from my family it isn’t just a sport it’s way more Important. important than that It’s. it’s A. a religion are you ready to become a real racecar driver that sign that contract he’s just trying to scare you son let you do behind the wheel of a racecar has nothing to do with business you walk away from me you walk away from this deal no Matter. matter how a while you drive if you want Win. win you want place I guarantee you right now you won’t even finish the race If. if they can Drive. drive a car and change the world it doesn’t work that maybe not but it’s the only thing I Know.

know how To. to do when I gotta do something wasn’t my idea oh no it was his he’s going to be very good no he’s going to be The. the best if they don’t destroy him first