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titanic in the world of motorsport many great duels you’ve had hunt versus louder you’ve had prost versus sandy you’ve had the ford gt40 versus the ferraris at le mans but my favorite battle of them all is this one back in 1977 audi was developing this fourwheel drive vehicle for the german military And.

and they had a bit of a thought they wondered if its fourwheel drive system could be made to work in an ordinary family car and so under the cover of darkness at a quarry in A. a remote corner of germany they began Secret. secret tests and straight away it was obvious that with all four wheels being driven the family car had an enormous amount of grip This. this Meant. meant it could go round corners on loose surfaces .

that much faster and that They. they reckoned would make it good at rallying but there was a problem what i’ve got here is the 1979 motor racing rule book it’s the most boring book in the world but Whatever. whatever here on page 8 million article 2 says that in rallying fourwheel drive cars will not be Admitted. admitted audi however had thought about that and dispatched a Man. man to paris to a meeting of the sports governing body to try and get the rule changed he was very clever because he waited for the meeting To.

to Be. be finished Everyone. everyone pulling on their Hats. hats and coats and then he went oh god sorry one more Thing