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this to talk to you about ultimate of logos we all know the logos of car manufacturers not a lot of people know the Actual. actual meaning or message behind certain Automotive. automotive logos so here are 10 automotive logos explained number one Alfa Romeo have you ever taken a close look at the alpha male logo and specifically at the right side it’s not a tongue it’s Not. not a flame nor Is.

is it a sort it’s a snake eating a person yes you Heard.

heard that right the alpha male logo features a snake eating A.

a human being let’s start on the left side though when alpha romaine was founded in Milan in 1910 the logo was based on a Crest. crest that could be seen on a local Milanese castle the red cross over a white background is a medieval Christian symbol and is nowadays still the flag of the city of Milan I can Be. be seen in the coat of arms of Milan and is thus also Still.

still featured in the Alfa Romeo locum so what about the right snake eating man sign fell from a hologram this part of the logo represents a colossal serpent or Dragon. dragon decimating a red man as real as it is this image Also. also points back to the history of alpha males Birthplace.

birthplace Milan it’s a symbol of the influential fits Conti family of the 11th century Milan the image is Called. called a busy own and as over time become a symbol for The