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Best 9 Good View Miata Wallpaper Phone

here for 2004 Mazda speed Miata so I just picked up this 2004 Mazda speed Miata not too long ago this is the first mod that I’m going to do for the vehicle and not looking to do anything crazy right now but the first thing that I think needed to be done was my tunes ok so with There.

there being so little space in this Miata there was really nowhere for me to put my cell phone in here when I was Driving.

driving around or whatnot that there’s not that much space here let me show you so basically this was my temporary solution and this is a magnetic phone holder by Scosche and as you can see I mean it does the job here’s My. my phone and I mean it works but I mean you hit any bumps or anything this thing could come off really Easy. easy actually sticks pretty good but I wanted something a little bit more secure in case I wanted to go out for some autocross this doesn’t This.

this is not the solution for the the Bluetooth or anything so we’ll get into that in one second but yeah this has got to go that kind of looks cheap and not really well integrated into the car so let me show you the solution that I came up with alright so this is what we came up with I got This. this this is a mounting phone bracket from company called pan of Ice