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Top 7 Nice Pictures 350z Wallpaper

datsun as were called back then decided to make a sports car this is it the 240 zed it was a very simple recipe threepart etype jaguar two parts corvette and a sprinkling of Japanese. japanese reliability fabulous car but unfortunately they kept changing it and each time they changed It.

it they made it a little bit worse there was the 260z which was plump the 280z which was john prescott and then finally they ended up with this enormous thing the 300 zx mull on brando really the horror the horror and i believe we’ve been joined here by some people from the nissan Zed. zed Club.

club yes which is yours 280. and what in the name of all that’s Holy. holy possessed you to buy that 40 15 years ago and it looked good then it didn’t look good it’s beige with red seats you from birmingham yes how did you guess oh it explains it all as well yeah and you’ve Got. got a beard and you’re from the zed club yes indeed and you’ve Got. got a beer there that explains the zed car happily however nissan has now gone back to basics with the 350z and i was so keen to give this a go that when the very first one arrived in britain months ago i grabbed the keys and went for a drive part of the reason why nissan’s zed cars became so fat and so heavy over the years is that they were designed principally For