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hot of everyone’s favorite little drivable puppy the fiat 500 it’s faster it looks cooler it handles better and has a freaking scorpion on it well what if I. i told you that that Badge. badge represents one of the earliest tuners in the world a race proven company so influential that its name is italian slang for strong are you ready to expand your mind and join the ranks of the illuminated throw up the triangle and Get.

get Ready.

ready to feel The. the sting baby because it’s freaking scorpion season this is everything You.

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1908 he moved to italy as a teenager changed his name to Carlo. carlo and got into motorcycles all right big time as in he designed and built motorcycles which is almost as cool as being a state runnerup in improving speech and debate in kentucky which is what i was doing as a teenager but he wasn’t just a motorcycle mechanic he was also a motorcycle racer he won his first race when he was 20 years old on a bike that he designed and built himself and he did that by himself . with no freaking pit crew or support team or anything so already this dude is next level well i’m about to throw another level on top of that level all right the next next level carlo won the european motorcycle championship the next five years in a row after that he was racing uh other Motorcycles. motorcycles boring What. what else can i race how about a Train.

train i’m not talking about just any train all right this dude raced the best train the orient express carla destroyed that luxurious choo choo in an 850 Mile