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played around photoshop and i think i fixed all of the issues that everybody has with the new wrx yeah that’s just the old wrx you’re watching throttle box I’m. i’m thomas And. and i’m james and this is the new wrx from mean eye to bug eye to blob eye to hawkeye to stink Eye. eye to evo eye we now have this The. the fifth Generation. generation wrx which we’ll call i don’t know sharp eye it’s a continuation of a rally bread icon now sitting on The. the same platform as subaru crossovers it has a classic subi allwheel drive system a subaru boxer engine now enhanced and as spec today in the limited trim a sixspeed manual transmission this Side. side of 40 grand there’s nothing quite it but is it actually good and is it really that different to last gen let’s find Out. out if you’re new to farmhouse we do car reviews track tests and Quite.

quite a lot of messing around so and hit The.

the bell all right in the new wrx with an astonishing 2.4 liter engine this time we have more displacement so even though we only gained a poultry extra 3 horsepower there’s more grunt down Low. low and because the engine is less stressed it’s probably got some More. more longevity which is good news for the Tuners. tuners among you now The.

the rest there’s some similar stuff going on here from last generation We.

we are in the sixspeed manual right now there is A. a cvt option but i highly recommend the manual this manual shifter feels every subaru manual shifter i’ve ever driven minus The.

the sti and the short shifting kit in The. the previous ryu whatever it was this has Long. long throws it’s purposeful you can be kind of Aggressive. aggressive with it it’s a bit goopy it’s a bit goopy but you can be aggressive with it which matches the personality of The. the car the clutch is light it’s easy to live with but more importantly one of the biggest issues when the last generation wrx came out was rev hang when You. you wanted to change gear the needle hadn’t dropped the revs were still holding high and it punished you for actually enjoying a manual gearbox which ruins the point they fixed it a bit towards The. the end of that generation but i can say now with absolute confidence whatever rev Hang.

hang there is it’s minimal it’s not impeding on my ability to enjoy it which is great news because the Other. other thing i can enjoy is absolutely throwing this thing around the canyons i didn’t expect a wrx to be able to manage canyons this that is not helped Unfortunately. unfortunately by the steering feel because it’s next to there is next to no feel it’s pretty dead it’s light it barely waits up in the corners thank god for that track focus new suspension And.

and stiffened chassis because i still have a lot Of. of confidence throwing this around but The