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Best 9 Ferrari 488 Pista Wallpaper Amazing Pictures

in cynical mood people because I just don’t see what you do with the 720 horsepower 480 because the normal cars already got so much power it bends your face and this is a track version but who wants to go to a track in the car that’s worth Two. two hundred fifty thousand pounds I mean if you ding a wheel Or. or go through a gravel trap it costs a fortune so I’m wondering whether the Ferrari special edition special series midengine car is just getting ahead of itself does the world need a 720.

720 horsepower for a tape for track Use. use I don’t know and then you come to fear unknown of course you Then. then drive the thing oh and it is on the road and you think okay I’ll part the cynicism for a minute let’s just enjoy the car because this Thing. thing it’s alive it’s up On. on its toes it’s responsive and It’s. it’s so fast it’s Brutally. brutally fast all the while it’s managing the Talk. talk delivery of a monstrous turbocharged v8 . and the speed around Here. here I’ve Just.

just spent the weekend racing a gt3 car this feels Twice.

twice as fast it’s really revving out as well that’s all peekers at 6 750 a standard car but there’s so much less inertia as you’ll now realize from the tech parts of the That.

that it really does feel its pulled up quicker it feels More. more normally aspirated the tire grip levels a good fronttorear Interestingly