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Favorite 10 Good View Mercedes Gt Wallpaper

version so we have a nice and loud car what’s up ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this pov review by autodopanal my name is max and today well What. what a day we’ve been invited by lce performance in the south of germany to come and drive their mercedes amg gt black series it is well it’s not a limited car really but they are going to build a limited amount during a certain Period. period of time but of course it is the Most. most extreme car mercedes amg Builds.

builds right now and well i have to say that In. in Real. real life it is even crazier than on pictures so i hope that on this you’ll be able to See. see how crazy it really is uh but i mean Again. again big thanks to lce performance They.

they are a tuning company and they have developed an exhaust for this car so we have a custom exhaust midpipe for this car to make it sound a bit better because Apparently. apparently it Was. was a bit too Quiet. quiet For. for their liking so they decided to fix that so today i’m going to show you around it show you all the cool Stuff.

stuff on it and then we’ll take it for a little drive On. on the ultraman uh yeah for an autobahn blast and we’ll see what we can Do. do it is 8 30 in the evening so should be okay okay so the gt black series There. there have been five uh black series Cars. cars before this one it started With.

with the slk 55 black series the clk came after that the sl65 the C63. c63 and the sls those Are. are the five black series cars and this is number six and up until now i i think the first five are actually a bit different from this one because this one is so track Focused. focused and and so dedicated the other ones were More. more drama cars you Know. know especially the earlier ones the the clk and i mean i remember the c63 black series from top gear was all smoke so that’s not really what this car is about this car is supposed to be the competitor to a porsche gt2 rs so a real track Monster. monster now amg also held the nordschleife lap record for a while with this car i think porsche Just. just took it back with the gt2 rs uh by multiracing and um that’s that’s basically to show how crazy this car is uh let’s start at the front because we’ve got this gaping mouth this grille at the front which is basically The.

the same as you get on the gt3 race car so the amg gt3 race Car. car basically it is massive We’ve. we’ve got bigger intercoolers behind that and we’ve got this ridiculous splitter it is super pronounced and if you thought that this was big there’s even more underneath here so This.

this is manually adjustable and you can pull a lever here and it Will.

will slide Forward