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Best 21 Mercedes Benz C Class Wallpaper Good Looking

This is a Mercedes-Benz c300 Final Edition. So this is the last edition, yes, w205. Before replacing w206. Hi, there are two variants of the wheels, here are some. C205 rear with crystal headlamp. your factory outlet appears this c300. already more Rector and the main difference. Also, he is in the key letters like this. yeah. Hi, it’s smart. Hi if in the hands of Allah he can too. to open windows, including the sunroof. The mirrors also have auto folding for. closing again we can also hold it. The rearview lock button is also automatically visible. more. Hi, this unit is at the BSD promoter. The price for this c300 is 1.1 60. Hi, the headlamp is multi-melted, it’s there. the area above at the same time. replace the turn signal.

Hi, there is a cream corner sensor on the body. That’s why the grill is emblem3. The big point star in the middle below. also there too. yo wis kurniah the color is igreya. hi hi. Hi for engine dia 2000cc four. Turbo cylinder with an output of 258 horses. power and torque of 706 m for the engine promo. here it is painted as well as the Capuchins. and there is a silencer. Hi, the wheels are also the most different. Edition does not belong to the same c43. The four styles are like tons of police. 19 is with a tire profile of 225 40,000. Hi, the tires here are Pirelli Yafi. Zero. Hi, this camera has 360 too. Sandy side camera another rearview window. Chrome on the roof panoramic handle. its the chrome that the top edge here is. access Smartfren touch models up to. become automatic child yes. Hi, the interior is full black. with wood panels are also dark colors. this doffs finishing is soft kg. electric seat with three memory slots. the c300’s premium speaker ma’am. The silver door handle is behind here. Power door lock power window auto. the electric mirror is already electric here. there’s an arm rest window lock as well as a soft light. to open. Hi, the location from here. There to the folder door Pocket and lights. formed.

Hi, the automatic pedal transmission is stylish. to open the hood from behind this. already electric parts break, it’s good. for the driver’s knee setting. headlamp from here there is a parking light. left and right he’s already auto, yes. Yes. This rear fog lamp is dinner. There is also a Land keeping assist button. start-stop Here. Hi, AC grille that can be opened and closed. the dashboard is Swatches. Okay, now let’s try the start-up conditions. open door. hi hi. Hi, it’s been a full HQ video since. facelift. Hi for speedo settings from. a trackpad that allows for the display of markers. there is. Hi, this is a sports red progressive. the classic yellow color blue. Hi here can also show full. service. Hi including for radiators. Hi, there is also an aging system, yes, glue. Sis type. Let’s ask if there is a trip menu or Odo. trip fuel consumption is the position of the car. stop him liters per hour. Hi, the rest. Hi, the water is still high. a long time ago. there is also Eko display data here. drive. Hi, video Respect digital. Hi, here is the navigation, yes you can. shown here too. Hi, there was a radio media phone earlier. even marker display.

Hi look at this marker on the right too. can be arranged yes. Hi including there GeForce. Hi all the settings from the track. This is where the control process is. Paddle shift to raise. the transmission is nine speed. left here he has a trackpad for the screen. Comment in the middle, so it’s not MB yet. UX. Hi here there is odio often switches there. on students to lower the reverse. there are Safar wipers, turn signals and dim lights. electric steering wheel settings filtras topic. let it also be covered with skin. Hi, it’s been upgraded to Batam, right. Hi because it hasn’t been this mwc yet. touchscreen and there is no voice comment yet. Hi Mercedes. yeah at first I thought this w205 didn’t exist yet. much because it was only a facelift, yes he did. wow ice cream like this but it turns out to be a Mercedes. Benz glc facelift got moeex so. I just haven’t given it yet. C-class gas pedal is effective. Hi, the system has changed if you look at it. still use the comment system here. vehicle media connect radio navigation. in the vehicle menu he is there for. AC settings There is a Dynamic select menu. there is an assistance menu, there is an audio Camera 360. deactive has the extension assist blogspot. OSIS electronic stability program. Fuel consumption can also be displayed here. in the form of a graph of lighting arrangements. ambient light sensors.

Hi Here are their 64 color options. can also be arranged yes. The national can also be arranged. only here there is no color research and. there is no multicolor animation that can. make the color change. system intelligence also for settings. his vehicle is there for auto folding. auto door locks the manual in the system. he is there for display settings yes. earlier the display of the audio design marker. Bluetooth connectivity here is no clock. and the date of the unit language if you can. arranged from here underneath there is an AC grid. it’s just that the turbine model is not yet there. There are three. the fruit of the c300 finishing here he is. Alya’s daughter is this dark color. Gray. Hi the AC settings between drivers. The front passenger can Air Sets. each can set the direction of the burst. each one who joins here he is. Swieten, below, there is an analog clock. shortcut to navigate to the radio. this phone media for setting. This vehicle is Azhar behind here. he has two folders with a USB slot. There is also a storage area here. Oh yes, there is this volume socket for ono. The comment flyer is often behind. electric. This is the trackpad, right? left here is for the mod drive so. The driver has sports and there are sportsmen. an individual that can be customized, yes, between. the engine in tandem and YP there is also an Eco mode. down here there’s a parking sensor. Camera 360 from here the settings. hi, Nia rear camera. Indonesia and the rear camera is also available. some look below him again. there is an amrez softlight idling stop for. open it from here behind it here it is.

Two USBs and an SD card in there too. upholstered in drug cynicism, the seats are leather. yes, until the Lex support, it’s Electric. perforated motif in the middle of the seatbelt. here with the head adjuster hand grip. I want to come from the opponent’s track here. luxury that the color black Sunshine. front passenger is equipped with mentality. mirrors and lights as well as older cards. Hi, here is where these glasses are. left-right reading lamp down here. yes so hard Mercy and there is the middle. the crystal pearl Factor to open. Close the panoramic roof from here to. Hi, the front window can be opened. Hi, the middle mirror is already on auto. the dimming. Hi sunvisor the driver CD is also complete. with vanity mirrors and lights as well. older card besides the ceiling. Can it be closed again like this? Oh yes, the front and rear are separate models and. the cover is semi-transparent. Hi Herbert Side pillar nearby cipuntang. lockable drawer front here it is. there are other good soft openings too and. overlaid material here snowdrop asked. the layout of the door trim. Hi for the driver seat arrangement earlier. electricians from outside Central here. the rest of the lumbar support becomes 4 scales. Hi, that includes Lex support. electric here there is silver writing. mercedes-benz called a. Hi martedi access via the door at the back. here is a public manual cream too yes. Softlight material arrived at Amrez, Wood. its panels. it’s the dark one. Hi there is Twitter and its Bomaster speakers. silver door handle take it to arrive. like this, it’s in the door folder below.

Pocket and light on the door. Hi behind the driver’s seat he’s there. seat back pocket and rear passenger. Here you can also set the air yourself. so the total travel zone speedfan too. can be set yourself from here to . Open and close the PC, it’s the rear drive. that’s why the millynn data is high behind. The front passenger seat also has a back seat. Pocket as well as this layout from. this dashboard. Hi, this is the panoramic roof. Hi Hendri behind here is also a model. a track with the addition of the Hulk behind it exists. Herbert pillar reading lamp up to. rear haters all three adjustable. and here there is also a rear tray. the electric one was the button from the front. there is also a speaker in the middle there is accommodation. amrez with layer storage. velvet petrol and here are two covers. the left and right seats are also isofix. hi hi. Hi, there are none behind the tolos. the silver is the rear disc brake. Before going back, it’s a different story. its lights. Hi including Hazard. hi hi. Oh yes. here it is. So this is iconic, yes, javascript. which is in the form of the letter C, the LCD is on. The down side of Firefox Glue is also the LED. his mother again.

Hi there is a parking sensor on the body. evenly body for this in just the frame. mavler, yes, this is what he means. inside which the model tinkers with. G2 maparya left-right. Hi luggage, there is also a sensor fix. on. Hi and already Hi for the rear seat fold can. from here left-right can be separated on. here there is a hop there is a trunk light reversed. here he is. in storage. Hi, the carpet is embroidered with LG thinking. here too he has a hub. Hi for the safety triangle he’s in. behind the trunk lid Raffi is also closed. the cover is indeed a long stop lamp. here to close the same yes you can use. fix sensor is also capable of number plates already. religion and reverse camera otherwise. active, his position is neatly stored. Hi and if it’s been pulled from the trunk. for folds can be directly pulled from. in this the portion is 60 when. folded him flat trunk. Hi earlier, access to the seat door markicab. front passenger is also the same complete. with three memory slots and full. electric to Lex support and headrest. yes. Hi and this is the dashboard layout from. front passenger side and. Hi, this also has lumbar support. four sides and here is cargo. tracking for storage. hi hi. hi okay with my video regarding. Mercedes-Benz C300 Final Edition.