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today because is a 1995 dodge ram 1500 and i think that the second generation dodge ram is the most important truck of all time And. and this one this one is insanely cool this is a 1995 with 46 000 miles on it and i even have the original Window. window sticker msrp of 24 262. And. and in this we are going over all the crazy gadgets and gizmos and then we’re gonna meet with the owner and find out a little bit about this vehicle’s history let’s get right into it let’s be honest Most. most trucks throughout most Of. of the 1900s looked the Exact. exact same way well it was time for a new ram and development started in the mid 1980s and They. they wanted to go with a modular architecture design one design that could be used for an suv a van and of course the fullsize pickup truck well it got a nickname the louisville slugger and I. i have seen a picture Of. of it and it looks an econoline van from the early 2000s with the bed It. it was really pretty Ugly. ugly but the idea was that you could use that design across several different vehicles so they went ahead with the design it didn’t fit the cummins it didn’t fit the upcoming v10 they knew they wanted but they still pushed forward well eventually bob lutz Became.

became the head of chrysler and he saw the design and said no it’s horrible because it was Kind