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7 Good View Koenigsegg Agera R Wallpaper

today it’s all about the koenigsegg aguero r only 18 of these cars were ever made this just so happens to be chassis 101. in a minute i’m going to go for a deep dive into what makes this one of the most recordbreaking koenigseggs ever made while on Paper.

paper it might seem that the advancements from n to r only seem quite marginal as a result This.

this thing is A.

a game changer so we love setting A. a spot of context on this and for Me. me this is where the records really roll in for koenigsegg so In. in 2011 aguero r achieved a naught to 200 and naught mile an hour speed of 24.96 Seconds.

seconds it then went on to do zero to 200 miles an hour in 17.68 seconds 200.

200 to 0 mile an hour in 7.28 And. and it held the guinness world record for an incredible zero to 300.

300 kilometers an hour and breaking back down to zero Again. again in 21.19 seconds but i think of all of those facts the things that really blows my Mind. mind is the 300 to 0 was achieved in just 6.66 seconds all right speaking of braking what’s significant about aguero r is that this is the first car to debut koenigsegg’s very own braking system Now. now it’s a big deal for any manufacturer To. to take on board the challenge of creating their own braking system in the first place But.

but not only was it the first time that they’d Done