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6 Photos Audi A6 Wallpaper Amazing Pictures

and I have another Audi for you today, namely the eighth generation A6 limousine should know everything today then to our bekakcha school will be happy I’m really happy and then I can’t get started and we’ll first look at the trunk, the back seat, the Interior. interior and of course The. the engines and a round through the night in one color if you a little night raw today in the canal I will be really happy As. as I said You. you Go.

go out and show us that you are up for the fight with the. club. maybe first The. the kit for the a6 yes on the one hand as an avant or just now as a limousine would be with the limo here I personally find It. it nicer but Of course, it also has a few disadvantages, such as less space and trunk space and there is no r s variant of the sedan is I think it’s a great pity the defense probably Gives.

gives that it’s my one of my dream cars but let’s take a look at the a6 here first and we now have glacier white on it costs 1000 euros extra and I probably wouldn’t know this take it because I don’t say anything nice that’s nice although it makes the whole a6 a bit bigger it’s Also. also reserved but with audi so many blatant ones especially for the extra charge such as the lemon yellow or this dark forest green but Always