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9 Photos Jeep Gladiator Wallpaper

little more and some towing capability but still the fun lifestyle aspect of it the deep gladiator is for you today we’re going to take a full Detailed. detailed look at all The. the options on This. this gladiator the inside take it for a test drive and i’m going to show you why This. this is an excellent getaway vacation vehicle real quick thank you so much for tuning in my name Is. is nolan i do full reviews this every single week but also if you want to see the jeep wrangler i had that one last year check it out in the description below but let’s go ahead And. and jump into this One. one so one of the biggest draws to the gladiator and the jeep wrangler as well but the gladiator is it can be just the wrangler you can take the doors Off.

off you can take the roof off there’s several different roofs and this is the three panel roof and this is so easy to take off i have the panel sitting on the tonneau cover back there because it’s so lightweight but it’s just a big draw there’s different covers take The.

the Doors. doors off take the tops off roll it back whatever you have it’s really cool that you can do that with a truck here It’s.

it’s a convertible And. and a 4×4 and a truck in one and you can even get these doors with called dual doors it’s basically a half door With